Treatment Prices In Wiltshire

Initial consultations are priced at £50 for 45 minutes. After there are two options for follow up appointments, £50 for 45 minutes or £40 for 30 minutes. I offer children under 16 a £5 discount off all the above prices. Charges for my treatment services at Balanced Back To Health in Elstead are as per their price list that can be found here.



For local home visits there is an extra charge of £10.


Payments can be made by card, cheque or cash.

Pets & Animals


£40 30 minutes

Appointments for Dogs: £40
(Follow-ups are the same)


£40 30 minutes

Appointments for Cats: £40
(Follow-ups are the same)

Please Be Aware

Dogs and cats are home visits only. There may be an additional charge for travel if the visit is not local.