Choosing between an Osteopath and a Chiropractor

Patients in Chippenham, Melksham & Devizes use both chiropractors and osteopaths but, regardless of title, it is important to find the individual practitioner that suits you.

The Chiropractor practices Chiropractic.

In general chiropractors tend to concentrate on the spine and nerve supply. The spine is made up of 24 bony segments called vertebrae. These protect the spinal cord and individual nerves branch out from between the segments to supply the rest of the body. These vertebrae can become misaligned or restricted and this can interfere with the nerve supply and cause pain and weakness in various parts of the body. Problems such as low back, neck or joint pain and injury can then occur.

Why choose RB Chiropractic? 

As a McTimoney practitioner, Robert is trained to correct misalignments using quick, gentle and accurate adjustments that ensure you experience maximum comfort. Although the primary approach of chiropractors is manipulation of the spine, McTimoney is very much a whole-body approach. I myself also incorporate, Afferent Input muscle testing plus many soft tissue techniques to release muscle tension and pain and to encourage blood flow and healing. This can work well along side the manipulation which helps to remove the interference to the nerve supply.

The Osteopath practices Osteopathy

Chiropractors and osteopaths are similar in many ways. Like chiropractors, osteopaths employ many different methods to help alleviate pain and dysfunction in the body. Osteopathic techniques include soft tissue release, mobilisation/manipulation of joints and interferential (using electrical impulses) amongst others. Osteopaths generally use “long-lever” manipulation where more force is used whereas McTimoney adjustments are more specific and lighter.

How do they compare?

Robert’s system of treatment is usually a combination of either soft-tissue release or Bowen Therapy and then McTimoney adjusting (light, specific manipulation). Robert will initially use Afferent Input Muscle Testing to assess where the weaknesses are and what their primary cause is. In general chiropractic treatment times are shorter and more frequent but Robert’s tend to be similar to osteopaths i.e 30-45 minutes for follow-ups.

Please Be Aware

I have to stress that each therapist will be unique depending on the system they have developed and their experience etc. The role of such practitioners is to alleviate pain and improve the function and quality of life of the patient.