Weather you are looking for an initial appointment, or just interested in finding out more information about our methods, treatments and services, our FAQ covers a variety of general questions about our therapy and it’s benefits for both humans and animals.

Human FAQ

  • How will I Feel after the Treatment?

    How will I Feel after the Treatment?

    My treatment is very gentle but sometimes if there is excessive inflammation there may be a little discomfort. On the whole it is a fairly relaxing experience. During the course of the treatment you may feel physical changes as your body realigns. These can include stiffness or tiredness particularly after your first session. I will give you advice on aftercare and on any lifestyle changes to help you get the most benefit from your care. If you feel worried about anything either during or after the treatment then it is important to discuss it with me.

  • Who Can Benefit from the Treatment?

    Who Can Benefit from the Treatment?

    The treatment is beneficial for people of all ages and for a wide variety of problems. I use many different techniques but the main ones i.e. McTimoney Technique, Afferent Input Muscle Testing and Bowen Therapy are gentle and I find that these can be effective across a wide range of patients from small children and the elderly through adults to athletes. I also use Acupuncture for certain presentations e.g. tennis elbow and low back pain.

    Most patients initially come to me because they have a particular pain, dysfunction or injury but my treatment can also be effective in preventing problems before they come to light.

  • What Happens on the First Visit?

    What Happens on the First Visit?

    On the initial consultation I always assess your general health, previous conditions, and existing symptoms. I then conduct a physical examination to locate the problem, explain what my findings are and, with your permission, proceed with the treatment plan we discuss. If at any point I discover or suspect a condition that requires medical intervention I will refer you to your GP for further tests. Unless otherwise indicated (and this is very rare) the first session will always include treatment.

  • How Many Sessions will I Need?

    How Many Sessions will I Need?

    Most people find between 2 and 6 sessions sufficient to address straightforward problems. The number and frequency of treatments will depend on a number of factors including:

    Age – Extent of injury – Duration of problem – General fitness – Stress (muscle tension, physical and emotional stress) – Posture etc.

    I will discuss the anticipated number of sessions with you prior to treatment. Once you’re up and running, you can choose to schedule regular check-ups a few times a year to help keep any problems under control.

  • Can I Have Your Treatment if I am Pregnant?

    Can I Have Your Treatment if I am Pregnant?

    Yes indeed. Many pregnant women find the treatment extremely beneficial to help with the changes that occur in the body. The alterations to the centre of gravity, posture and gait can be balanced and resulting misalignment improved to avoid pain and discomfort. I have found Bowen Therapy, when combined with the gentle McTimoney pelvic realignment procedure, to be particularly effective in addressing SPD (Symphysis Pubic Dysfunction) and back pain during pregnancy.

  • Can I have your Treatment after back or Neck Surgery?

    Can I have your Treatment after back or Neck Surgery?

    Yes. I will obviously take into account the procedure undertaken and adapt the treatment to take stress away from the affected area and avoid treating it directly.

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