McTimoney treatment for children

The McTimoney technique can be applied to children of all ages. As we all know children grow at great speed plus it is only natural for them to play and sometimes rough and tumble.

Regular McTimoney treatment may be beneficial for children and adolescents.

With normal daily and sporting activity one or more of their joints can become restricted and then the body may have to compensate in some way. In addition it is not uncommon for one leg to grow a little longer than the other for a while.

This should be monitored, as a small temporary heel lift might be required for 6 months to a year while the other limb catches up. The heel lift corrects pelvic tilt and helps to avoid the growing spine from twisting in compensation, a twist (known as scoliosis) that may become difficult to reverse.

What are the most effective methods I use for ensuring happy development?

McTimoney Technique, Bowen Therapy and Afferent Input Muscle Testing are often effective with children and adolescents.

These techniques are all gentle but effective ways to realign the spine and pelvis, and alleviate pain.