Bowen & NST Techniques

Bowen therapy is a gentle but profound technique that may be effective in cases of chronic pain or in realigning the pelvis during pregnancy.

Neuro-Structural Integration Technique (NST) was developed by Michael Nixon-Levy from his practise, and understanding of, the work of Tom Bowen, the founder of Bowen Therapy. Tom Bowen spent his life refining his technique of cross-fibre manipulation of muscle, tendon, nerves and ligaments to stimulate the body’s auto-regulatory capacity to bring the spine and associated muscles into alignment.

After the gentle physical stimulation it is necessary to allow the body some deep relaxation time to enable the neurological reorganisation to take place. NST is based on the later work of Tom Bowen, which some people consider to be his more profound and effective work.

Bowen and NST are useful for many physical problems, and can be especially helpful when used after injury.

There is special benefit for people who have experienced chronic pain. The aim is to release the body from a repetitive pain cycle, where pain, restriction of movement and dysfunction become the norm.

For people who have experienced pain or numerous injuries over a period of time, the body learns to compensate. Bowen and NST can be a useful way to clear away these compensations, so that the original injuries can be found and treated more easily.