Back Pain Treatment

Booking hours for back pain treatment

I offer back pain treatment in Chippenham. I am currently working on a part time basis in Wiltshire servicing clients around Bromham, Chippenham, Melksham and Devizes and booking hours are flexible. Call 07480 066716.

I am also working in Elstead, Surrey at Balanced Back To Health.

Appointments available via call

Appointments are available during the week via telephone. I’d love to help you on your journey to recovery, feel free to call today.

You can find out more about the different techniques I use by visiting the methods page.

Offering solutions for back pain treatment and many other areas

As well as providing back pain treatment in and around the Chippenham area I also offer solutions for a range of other body issues including including knee and shoulder pain for example. Feel free to learn more about other conditions I help with below.

Free initial call consultation

07480 066716

Feel free to get in touch today for an initial brief consultation over the phone. Once we’ve assessed the cause of your concern we can book you in for an initial consultation and begin your healing journey.

Offering back pain treatment in Wiltshire

Robert practised as a chiropractor for over 25 years and is fully trained and insured to treat people and animals. He currently works part-time at the Smithy Clinic in Bromham, Chippenham and after making the decision to withdraw from the GCC register now operates as a McTimoney spinal therapist.

In his many years of experience Robert has accumulated a wide variety of skills and expertise in various disciplines including the Mctimoney Technique, Afferent Input Muscle Testing, NST & Bowen therapy amongst others in order to resolve any issue his clients might have.

The Healthy Back Company believes it’s essential for you to be able to visualise and understand the problem. Robert always like to explain the anatomy and physiology as this understanding helps to speed recovery and avoid the likelihood of recurrence.

“Robert sorts it out every time with gentle but powerful treatment”

— Mary Branson

Why Choose Us?

back pain treatment, neck pain treatment and treatments for other areas available in Bromham, Chippenham.
McTimoney Therapists are trained to examine, diagnose and treat conditions that may affect many different areas of the body.

  • Whole body tests for increasingly common issues like back pain
  • Muscle testing to fix both injury & weakness
  • Solutions to joint pain by determining real cause
  • Bowen therapy for alignment and health during pregnancy
  • Treatments for children to encourage their vitality and growth
  • Solutions for pets with chronic or sudden injuries
  • Muscle therapy for work related injuries or issues
  • Ongoing treatment to resolve chronic pain
  • Healing for sports injuries such as tennis elbow
  • Fix posture issues to ensure balance & freedom of movement

About The McTimoney Therapist

I am an experience McTimoney Practitioner offering back pain treatment in Chippenham

Robert Brock –

    Over 25 years experience

I am a qualified McTimoney Therapist fully insured to treat humans and animals.

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Sports injuries treatment

So you can continue to play the sport you love.

Treatments for children

Treatments for all ages to ensure healthy growth.

Pregnancy related treatments

Treatments to help with body issues related to pregnancy.

Treatments for pets & animals

Get the animal you love the care it deserves with amazing results.

Tennis elbow treatements

Fix the root cause with muscle testing for full mobility.

Lower back pain treatment

Treatments for one of the most common modern-day problems.

Shoulder treatments

Fix shoulder and alignment issues so you can move freely.

Neck pain treatments

We apply a whole body approach for real results.

Ankle pain treatments

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Treatments for posture

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